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Photographing the Solar Eclipse in Argentina


It was the night before totality in Rodeo, Argentina, and all the power was out. I had just returned from shooting all day in Valle de la Luna national park. Most of my batteries were dead or low, and my memory cards needed to be emptied on my also dead laptop. Fortunately, the eclipse took […]

How to Fly DJI Mavic Pro


Comparing Drones – DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, and Inspire 2


As mentioned last week, Lensrentals.com has drones! I can see you opening another tab to reserve your copy (wave to the drone flying outside your window), but first, let’s take a minute to find out which one best suits the needs of your shoot and free-flying spirit. You may already be acquainted with drones from […]

DJI Drone Rentals Now Available


We’re Now Renting Drones – And Here is Your Guide


Starting today, we’re going to start offering drones available for rental. Obviously, this is a bit of a dicey decision, as there is a lot of variables that come into play when it comes to flying, renting, and servicing drones when compared to video and photography equipment. However, we’ve decided to do so because we […]

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