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Just the MTF Charts: Micro 4/3 Lenses


Not a lot to say specifically about the m4/3 lenses except please don’t ask why your favorite isn’t on here; this is all I’ve got. Some of the newer m4/3 have linear electronic focusing which can’t be tested on the bench without a specialized, expensive mount and we don’t have one. Even for the ones […]

40mm Lens MTF Testings

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Finally, Some More m4/3 MTF Testing: Are the 40s Fabulous?


It took me a bit longer to get back to m4/3 testing than I expected, but we have an interesting set of primes to look at today, the ‘about 45mm’ group, which includes several 42.5mm and a couple of 45mm lenses. Please don’t get all worked up about that small difference in focal lengths; it’s […]

Panasonic GH5s Comparison and Review


Hands on with the Panasonic GH5s – The New King of Low Light?


The Panasonic GH5 really forced a change in the way I think about the term “video camera.” For me and the way I’m shooting these days, it bridged a gap existing between the compromise of a lightweight DSLR/mirrorless camera or a cumbersome cinema camera. The GH5 was a camera that looked too good to be […]

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