Profoto Acute D4 Ring Flash


Profoto Acute D4 Ring Flash

PLEASE NOTE: This item does not come with the power pack. You must either have one of your own or rent the Profoto Acute2R.

The Profoto Acute D4 ringflash fits all Acute power packs, and is an entirely moblile source of light. The adjustable tripod mount bracket and wide interior (4" diameter) allows for fitting all types of cameras and lenses in many formats. On the bottom of the bracket resides a standard 5/8" adapter that allows mounting onto any standard light stand. The ringflash has a protective glass cover to keep the flash tubes safe. Maximum firing rate is 9600 w/s per minute, equal to 4 flashes per minute at 2400 w/s, 8 flashes at 1200, 16 at 600, 32 at 300, or 64 flashes per minute at 150 w/s. A power supply for this flash head is required.

The Profoto Acute D4 ringflash also comes with the Profoto WideSoft reflector. This is essentially Profoto’s version of a beauty dish. It gives a broad, soft light that works well for portraiture.

If you’re looking for a less soft light or more of a dimensional light, we offer the Profoto Softlight Reflector .

This strobe head is only compatible with Acute and D4 generators.

Tim's Take

Product Manager

The D4 ringflash is a great choice for fashion work and some portraiture work. While I wouldn’t suggest it for a family portrait, if you’re shooting one, maybe two people, it’s hard to beat. It g...

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Profoto Acute D4 Ring Flash

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