Sony NEX to Alpha lens adapter (LAEA2)

Sony NEX to Alpha lens adapter (LAEA2)

The translucent mirror that is used in this item is extremely sensitive.  If it is touched with anything, it will scratch.  If you touch it with anything, you will be held responsible for the repair or replacement cost.

While traditional SLR mirrors are extremely sensitive, think of the Sony translucent mirror as a super-duper extremely sensitive dust magnet. Since we send the sensor and mirror clean, we suggest you ensure the lens you are about to mount is clean, then take the cap off the camera and quickly mount said lens.  This will minimize the dust that enters the mirror box.

With the Sony LAEA2 Mount Adapter you’ll be able to attach Sony A-mount lenses to your compatible Sony E-mount camera body. Equipped with translucent mirror technology, this mount allows you to have continuous phase detection AF while capturing stills and video. This adapter expands autofocus and aperture control to nearly all Sony A-mount lenses. It will not work with teleconverters or Sony SFT lenses.

Sony claims the adapter will also give AF and aperture control to third-party lenses. As a precaution, expect to get the same compatibility as the Sony A55 has with third-party A-mount lenses.

Video Shooters Please Note: When shooting video with all compatible NEX cameras, you cannot control aperture while using autofocus. As soon as you hit record, the aperture will change to f3.5 at the fastest. If you switch to manual focus, you can adjust aperture, but not while autofocusing.

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Product Manager

A great option for users who have A-mount lenses they’d like to use on E-mount cameras. It provides very fast and accurate autofocus with just about anny A-mount lens. Yes, it is a bit large and ...

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