Product Announcement: Lensrentals Looney

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Not to be left out of the spirit of Photokina, Lensrentals today announced it's first new camera design: the Lensrentals Looney.

Based on a Sony NEX-7, the Looney specs a 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor, an ISO range of 100-16000, 0.02 second shutter lag, a 3-inch LCD screen, a built-in EVF, 25 AF points, Sony E and A mount compatibility, and 10fps continuous shooting.

The camera’s name and look pay homage to the fact that Lensrentals' staff howl at the moon. The Italian design (Cicala is Italian, sort of) features handgrips made of real fake leather, and precious carbon polymer gems on various switches and knobs, and a unique lens cap made from the finest recycled wood fibers and hand embossed by a member of the staff.

The Looney is basically a whole series of cameras made to order with different styles and materials. We have some fake green and black leather; yellow, green and blue gemstones, and some gold glitter left over from Drew's sceptor.

Here is your chance to own a unique camera that you won't see at every soccer game. Compared to many recent releases, the Looney is a bargain at only, oh, let's say $4,500. $4,500 sounds good, doesn't it?

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Archibald Tuttle said:

ROFL, didn't expect this when I followed a link from dpreview.com! ;-)

Brandon Tucker said:

Now that I have someone's fingerprint image.......

Dan said:

This is exactly what I was waiting for! Roger - can I get two of them?

Tami said:

where is the Looney rental page?!?

Hottie said:

And I thought Leica were bad for rebadging a Panasonic and charging double. This is hilarious! Now I have no camera brands left to aspire to except handmade wooden large format...

Paolo said:

Guys from LR, you're great!! Thanks for this wonderful gem of humor.

Mark Colman said:

Hilarious! You guys crack me up!

Slick said:

Enough bling-addled dolts, probably the girlfriends/mistress of some nuveau-riche jackass in East Asia or Russia will buy this krap. Pretty damned pathetic.

Ricardo said:

This price includes the photographer?.
Guess Hasselblad too.

Dweeb said:

That's Insane! I can't afford a camera like that, especially a Hasselblad!

Paul said:


LensRentals Employee

Roger Cicala said:

Absolutely, David. Or we can get the glitter glue out if you'd rather have it in script.

Zoz said:

This is hilarious. Great job guys! You should call it the Hassle 7.

David said:

Can I, for an extra thousand, have my initials bedazzled in?

hendrik said:

wow thats the offer i have waited for the last year !!

can i get this in a space enabled version for my next holday with real fake meteor gems and a fake beryllium housing.

i would pay with eral monopoly dollars, as my money printing enine is out of order since my recent chess set purchese.

please contact my persomal designer for further details

Markoe said:

Better watch out LR, some 'other' company may purchase one and reverse engineer it and sell it for cheap. I've seen it done, be careful. This is so unique, one of a kind, I can only bet every camera looks different.
Do we have options for the type of duct tape, er...textured grip,being offered??? Red is so 2012, I want plaid! Kind of like a Burberry design.
Please reply at your earliest convenience.

Adam said:

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! So LOL!

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