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I'm Roger and I am the founder of Lensrentals.com. Hailed as one of the optic nerds here, I enjoy shooting collimated light through 30X microscope objectives in my spare time. When I do take real pictures I like using something different: a Medium format, or Pentax K1, or a Sony RX1R.

Photographic Techniques

Street Shooting


by Stephen Michael Garey Street shooting is to photography what blues, jazz and rap are to music: It’s the soul side of picture taking, a recognized artform that strives to capture aspects of life that the average snapshot photographer might overlook or even avoid: real people living real life in their natural habitat. Some of […]

Lenses and Optics

Optimus Prime


Today’s topic is prime lenses, those lenses that (GASP!!!) don’t zoom! Wait, don’t leave. This is really worth your time. (OK, those of you who already shoot entirely or mostly with primes can leave, there’s probably not much for you here.) About 10 times a week, in discussing the best lens for the job with […]

Lenses and Optics

Teleconverters 101


The problem, I think, is that it seems so simple. “If I add a 2x teleconverter I’ll get that closeup shot I want.” We all know what a teleconverter’s purpose is: it magnifies the image by a factor of 1.4x or 2×. A 300mm lens with a 1.4x converter becomes a 420mm lens. With a […]


The Budget SLR Gourmet


This is a bit of a different perspective for us: I’m writing this article at the request of a number of our rental customers about what to BUY, not what to RENT. Fairly often one of our customers, beginning to get into photography, emails me with questions about getting quality gear on a budget. They […]

How To's

Canon’s Error 99: the Man, the Myth


This article was updated in April of 2009 after Mark at Precision Camera, our favorite repair shop, provided us with some additional information. This is probably the most boring article I’ve written for LensRentals. (Personally, I like Smashed Front Element the best.) But, I love a good mystery, and I love debunking dSLR “urban legends”. […]

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