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I'm Zach and I'm the editor and a frequent writer here at Lensrentals.com. I'm also an editorial and portrait photographer in Los Angeles, CA, and offer educational workshops on photography and lighting all over North America.


Five Ways to Shoot Portraits on a White Backdrop


When shooting portrait photography, you’re going to inevitably run into a white backdrop in some form or fashion. Whether it’s a roll of seamless paper, a backdrop made from a V-flat, a cyc wall, or even just a white wall, white backdrops are among the most common tools in portrait work. Despite its simple look, […]


The Battle of the Behemoths – Finding the Best Camera of 2021


Though time has felt like it has stopped over the last year, the last few months have given us some pretty exciting photography and videography products to look forward to. Though many of these cameras aren’t readily available, I felt it was something worth discussing regardless; in the effort to find the absolute best camera […]

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How I Got The Shot – Creating Photos Based on Digital Art


We’re used to seeing a lot of lenses disassembled on this blog, where MTF charts are more frequent than example photos. So I walked into this article with a bit of skepticism – certainly, we’ve never tried an elaborate photo breakdown before. But with photoshoots this past year far less frequent than the years prior, […]


The Top Rented Photo and Video Products of 2020


Each year, we take a look at the data and rentals we were able to provide for our customer base and use it to get some perspective on where the industry might be heading. Certainly, this year was a different one, with the pandemic putting many stops to the industry and the jobs available – […]

ISO Explained in Digital Photography

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Photography Fundamentals – How ISO Changes Your Photos


In recent weeks, I’ve started posting some fundamental articles on how to use your camera if you’re starting out. In the past couple weeks, we’ve discussed both how aperture affects your images, and how shutter speed changes your images, so today, we’re going to cover the final piece to that equation, with ISO. But as […]

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