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Focal Length Guide


Helping Determine the Correct Focal Length for Photography & Videography


Here at Lensrentals.com, we get asked a common question on the daily, which is something to the regards of “I’m shooting X, what do you think the best focal length(s) would be?” By definition, this is an impossible question to answer completely and would need a multitude of variables before we could actually give a […]

Customer Stories

Exploring Underwater Photography with Brett Stanley


Internally, underwater housing is something that we said we’d never do here at Lensrentals.com. One of the main pillars of our business model is quality control – everything that you receive from us has been inspected multiple times, by multiple people before it gets put into the box and sent out to you for your […]

Camera Contest

Lensrentals News and Alerts

We’re Giving Away $12,000+ in Camera Gear


We’re excited to announce our ‘Everything but the Photographer’ giveaway, containing over $12K in prizes available to 5 lucky winners. Partnering with Sigma, B&H Photo & Video, Mac Group, Music Bed, Creative Live and more, we’re offering a top of the line camera set up with all the fixings. A breakdown of the prizes available […]


A Look into Bird Photography With Frans Lanting


They often say that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and no type of photography holds that statement as true more than bird photography. A constant challenge of both patience and training, birding often involves being ready at a moments notice to capture that one shot of a fleeing bird. In a partnership with CreativeLive, […]

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