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Shutter Speed 101

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Photography Fundamentals – How Shutter Speed Changes Your Photos


Last week, I spoke to you about aperture, and how it correlated with the exposure triangle, and how aperture changes your images’ depth of field. That article was just part one of a three-part series that goes over the fundamentals of the exposure triangle, and how each of these settings changes different aspects of your […]

Guide to Understanding Aperture


Photography Fundamentals – How Aperture Changes Photos


We cover a lot of things over here on the Lensrentals blog, and most of them teeter on the technically advanced edge of the scale. From measuring the flange distance on cameras down to the fraction of a millimeter to performing light tests to check the accuracy of color shift throughout power ranges, we’ve done […]


First Impressions with the Fuji X-Pro3


Fujis have always been the dark horse of the mirrorless camera realm, and it all began with the Fuji X100. A small, APS-C, non-interchangeable lens mirrorless camera that arguably took the digital camera world by storm. This camera got the ball rolling for Fuji. It had unique (for the time) retro styling, an excellent sensor, […]

Top Photography Rentals 2019


Most Popular Photography and Videography Rentals for 2019


As per tradition here at Lensrentals.com, at the end of the year, we go through all of our records and use that to provide the public with some insight on the industry and where it is going. Through this record-keeping, we’re able to provide some information on what is the most popular rented gear from […]

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