Strobe Triggers- What’s What?


Alright everybody.  Tim here with a little info for you about strobe triggers.  We get quite a few calls or emails each week asking how these little guys work, which one is best, which one will make my photos better than everyone else’s, etc.  Since I’ve noticed a trend of questions, I thought I’d go […]

History of Photography

Serial Numbers, Circa 1870


I had a fun surprise today. We were cleaning a couple of old Petzval lenses, getting them ready to show off at Imaging USA next week. One of our Darlot lens from circa 1870 or so gave us quite a surprise.  

Repair alerts

Lens Repair Data 2011


What Is This? We started doing this several years ago. We have a unique opportunity: we own a very large number of lenses subjected to rather harsh conditions: they get packed in boxes, tossed around by UPS, and sometimes the user isn’t as careful with them as you would be with your own lenses. Our numbers […]

Resolution Tests

The Great 50mm Shootout


Every so often the Universe realizes I’m getting a little cocky and sends someone to ask me a simple question I can’t answer.  It happened again the other day. Michael Plumridge and Peter Lik asked Tyler what the sharpest 50mm lens was. They were shooting on Red Epics with adapters so neither brand, mount, nor price […]


LensRentals 2011: Our Best Blog Posts


Happy New Year! We don’t post as often as some other blogs because we try and develop well researched, insightful blog posts. Even though we don’t post often, over the course of the year, we develop a LOT of content. This year, we think we developed some really good stuff. We’ve broken our most interesting […]

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