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Exploring Underwater Photography with Brett Stanley


Internally, underwater housing is something that we said we’d never do here at Lensrentals.com. One of the main pillars of our business model is quality control – everything that you receive from us has been inspected multiple times, by multiple people before it gets put into the box and sent out to you for your […]

Rocket Launch NASA Photography

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Photography Breakdown of the NASA Antares Rocket Launch


Ever since I started taking photos, the night sky has always attracted me. I utilize long exposures to capture objects in the sky that the naked eye could never see. I consider myself a modern-day astronomer with a focus on studying art within the universe. With a juxtaposition between terrestrial landscapes and cosmic objects, I hope to […]

Most Popular Photography Products 2018


Most Popular Photography and Videography Products of 2018


Each year, we comb through our internal data and share some of the insight we’ve seen throughout the calendar year. As a company that rents out tens of thousands of pieces of gear each year, we think we have a pretty good idea of market trends and the most popular products within the fields of […]

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