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The Lensrentals Podcast Episode #22 – New Gear Rodeo: What We Think of the Latest Camera Bodies

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New Gear Rodeo: What We Think of the Latest Camera Bodies

New gear alert! Ryan is joined by our blog editor Zach and Senior Photo Tech Joey for a chat about the latest camera bodies that have been announced. Topics range from positing the EOS R is the easiest mirrorless system to pick up and use, to lacking enthusiasm for Nikon’s latest offerings, to waxing poetic about their love of the Fuji X-T3, and different positions on the polarizing Leica M10 Monochrom.

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00:30 – Introduction to Ryan Hill, Joey Miller, and Zach Sutton

00:40 – The gang starts off the show talking about the Canon EOS R5

02:00 – Ryan, Joey, and Zach talk about 8K and IBIS within the Canon EOS R5

03:00 – Talking about the RF lens lineup, and how Canon has expanded it so quickly

05:10 – Joey and Zach talk about their experiences with the Canon EOS R platform

06:50 – Joey and Ryan talk about the recording functions within the Canon EOS R5

08:20 – Joey, Zach, and Ryan talk about the rumors of the Canon EOS R6

09:30 – Zach and Joey talk about the price of the Canon EOS R5

10:30 – The team talks about the Canon 1D Mark III and its excitement or lack thereof

12:30 – Zach, Joey, and Ryan talk about the lack of resolution in the new Canon 1DX Mark III

15:00 – The gang talks about the new Nikon D780, and some of the problematic business decisions of Nikon

17:50 – The team talks about the Nikon lens lineup of the Z series

19:15 – BREAK

19:30 – Discussing the new and impressive Fuji X-T4

20:00 – Ryan and Joey talk about all the apps available from each camera manufacturer

21:20 – Ryan and Zach talk about the small and marginal updates of the Fuji X-T4

23:00 – Is the Fuji X-T4 worth the upgrade?

23:30 – The team talks about the Leica M10 Monochrom

24:10 – Ryan and Zach talk about their first rentals with Lensrentals

25:00 – Joey talks about his affection for Leica, while Zach talks about his distaste for them

26:50 – Joey tells us why the Monochrom sensor is different from a traditional camera

28:40 – Joey gives his unfiltered feelings toward Leica

30:20 – Ryan talks about the incredible work uniforms of Leica


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  • Null Static Void

    that is what I was thinking. If you watch any White House presser you hear the grating clack-ack-ack-ack of photojournalists with big DSLRs. It has puzzled me for years as to why they allow this kind of disruptive noise when mirrorless like Fuji, Sony and the new Canon and Nikon cameras have the same image quality and FPS.

  • Sean T

    Nikon’s in 3rd place in Camera sales, not 5th. Nikon’s far ahead of Fuji and the m4/3 twins, and broadly equal to Sony.

  • Eric Bowles

    You guys don’t use the Nikon Z6 and don’t appreciate the difference delivered with the D780.

    The Z6/Z7 lenses are lackluster to you because they are moderately smaller and don’t present something different than a DSLR. they don’t have fast lenses in the lineup. What you don’t consider is that Nikon is all about image quality through the lens system. The Z6/Z7 lenses are far superior than any comparable F-mount lens. I choose the system for optics. The cost is quite reasonable for the optical performance. Fast lenses are for specific needs – and not everyone has those needs. It gets even less desirable when you consider the price and weight of fast glass.

    The optical benefits of the Z-system are more important with medium and wider lenses. So you see much more emphasis on basic zooms and standard primes over novelty fast lenses. Give a Nikon shooter the Z6/Z7, and they are perfectly happy. The FTZ adapter improves performance of legacy F-mount lenses with more accurate focus.

    The D780 takes the latest technology of the Z6/Z7, and puts that in a DSLR. The camera may sound like minor updates on paper, but it was not designed for paper specs. The AF system is a major upgrade. The buffer and processor have major upgrades. It’s got much better video capability. If you have a D750, it’s a very nice upgrade in the DSLR family. The DSLR cameras offer the D850 for high resolution and the D780 for standard resolution – and both are outstanding, pro-worth cameras. In the mirrorless lineup, you have the same options – Z7 for high res and Z6 for standard res.

  • I am loving my Canon R and really don’t miss IBIS. One of the main things I am enjoying is the ability to use all my old FD lenses. I have kept them for all these years and now I get to use them again. I have been a shooter for about 48 years and have done newspaper, magazine, studio, event, and virtually all other types photography. Maybe I am just too old and set in my ways and when I get a camera with IBIS I will be blown away. In the meantime I will continue to use my experience to obtain sharp, properly exposed photos.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Question for those that rented the Leica M10 Monochrom. Did y’all use the different B&W contrast filters, yellow, orange, red, and green, to change the contrast of the photo?
    I photographed the year of 2012 exclusively in B&W using Kodak Tri-X, TMAX, and Ilford films with the different contrast filters. 2012 was a learning experience and a productive experience to shoot with just black and white. It took me about three months before I could visualize the photo in B&W.

  • Ziggy

    Not Minolta? And Panasonic for dual.

  • disqus_XN9vf0ShQK

    Did you really forget Photojournalists as the 1DX niche, or are they a dead breed for you already 🙂 ?

  • Bob Panick

    It always bugs me that Sony gets credit for IBIS and so many other things, those were developed by Olympus. Sony still hasn’t caught up with the things Olympus is doing.

  • Florian Cramer

    Error at 7:45: Actually, no Sony mirrorless camera outputs 10bit video externally.

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