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Guide to Understanding Aperture


Photography Fundamentals – How Aperture Changes Photos


We cover a lot of things over here on the Lensrentals blog, and most of them teeter on the technically advanced edge of the scale. From measuring the flange distance on cameras down to the fraction of a millimeter to performing light tests to check the accuracy of color shift throughout power ranges, we’ve done […]

Flange to Sensor for Cine Lenses


The Great Flange-to-Sensor Distance Article: Part 1 — Cine Cameras


Part 1: EF and FE Mount Cine Cameras Consider, if you will, the fate of Poor Ben. Unbeknownst to Poor Ben, Aaron and I had started experimenting with measuring the flange-to-sensor distance of various video cameras, since we found that it varied more than, well, more than we had thought it should vary. We spent […]

Quarantine Memphis Project

Customer Stories

How Jaime Harmon Displays Isolation in His Quarantine Memphis Series


This isolation amid this pandemic is affecting people in careers in a multitude of ways. Still, one profession that has been hit particularly hard is the world of portrait photography. While most portrait photographers have chosen to close their door temporarily during these times, others are finding ways to tackle this pandemic and keep working […]


How Covid-19 is Affecting the Photo & Video Industry


Our industry and communities, like so many, have been hit hard at a human and financial level by the coronavirus pandemic. To help support our readers we’ve provided blog posts and podcasts to help disinfect your gear and home/workplace, keep your minds occupied and find resources to cope financially. What hasn’t been collected is data […]


Stuff You Can Do When You Ain’t Got Nothing to Do


Are you bored yet? I don’t have to ask if your kids are bored yet. A lot of you are trying to think of something to do besides ‘out the window’ and ‘front porch’ photography. We’re all worried and anxious about a lot of things, but sooner or later, we need to do something, anything, […]

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