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How Your Camera’s Focus Bracketing System Works


For many years, photographers have had focus-stacking programs like Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker. You can now get the capability in some general-purpose image editors like Lightroom and Capture One Pro. Focus stacking software takes as input a series of images of the same subject with the focal plane in a different place in each […]

Photography Advanced Lighting Techniques

Photographic Techniques

Advanced Photography Lighting Techniques – Feathering & Zooming


Lighting within photography holds a reality – It’s easy to understand, but really takes years to master. As such, you end up seeing a progression with photographers who start using studio strobes that looks very similar to the Dunning Kruger effect chart – where they figure out basic principles, think they’re a lighting expert, and […]


Shooting Anamorphic on the RED V-Raptor


Recently, my team and I got a proposal to make a music video for an alternative rock band. Their pitch boiled down to essentially “a throwback to 70’s/80’s horror movies, but with modern production values.” We went back and forth on a few ideas regarding aspect ratios, cameras, lenses, camera movement, and lighting. After deliberating, […]

Photography And Videography Resources


Five Resources of Inspiration and Education in Photography & Videography for 2023


Finding inspiration for your photography or videography can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially when the knowledge and potential resources can feel overwhelming and endless. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these tips and ideas will help you rejuvenate your passion, skills, and knowledge for videography and photography and take your […]


How to Quickly Ruin Your Camera and Lens


Typically, this blog stands on the idea of “Please protect your gear, and if it’s our gear you’re renting from us, please absolutely protect the gear”. However, mistakes happen, and things break. When you have an inventory as large and diverse as ours, that reality happens way more than we’d care to admit. So after […]

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