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Quarantine Memphis Project

Customer Stories

How Jaime Harmon Displays Isolation in His Quarantine Memphis Series


This isolation amid this pandemic is affecting people in careers in a multitude of ways. Still, one profession that has been hit particularly hard is the world of portrait photography. While most portrait photographers have chosen to close their door temporarily during these times, others are finding ways to tackle this pandemic and keep working […]

Top Photography Rentals 2019


Most Popular Photography and Videography Rentals for 2019


As per tradition here at Lensrentals.com, at the end of the year, we go through all of our records and use that to provide the public with some insight on the industry and where it is going. Through this record-keeping, we’re able to provide some information on what is the most popular rented gear from […]

MTF Charts for Zoom Lenses

Just MTF Charts

Just the MTF Charts: 70-200mm f2.8 Zoom Lenses


Well, I’ve avoided putting up the zoom lenses as long as I could, but here we are. I’m going to do things a little differently; rather than listing by brand I’m going to try listing by range and type. I’m suspicious of it because it’s going to bring out the Brand Zealots who for some […]

Most Popular Photography Products 2018


Most Popular Photography and Videography Products of 2018


Each year, we comb through our internal data and share some of the insight we’ve seen throughout the calendar year. As a company that rents out tens of thousands of pieces of gear each year, we think we have a pretty good idea of market trends and the most popular products within the fields of […]


Review of the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III Lens


The history of the 70-200mm is far shorter than many may suspect. With the original Canon 70-200mm f/.28L, from Canon at least, being released in 1995, many people are shocked to hear that we’ve had seven different iterations of this lens in just 23 years. And that’s only counting the Canon versions – Sigma, Tamron, […]

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