RED DSMC2 V-Mount Accessory Kit

RED DSMC2 V-Mount Accessory Kit

The RED DSMC2 V-Mount Accessory Kit is a one-stop-shop for kitting out a RED DSMC2 Brain and lens mount to start shooting. The kit includes:

This kit was put together for simplicity’s sake. There are numerous possible configurations for building out a RED rig, but this combo contains everything you’ll need to get started excluding a RED DSMC2 Brain and lens mount.

A key feature of RED’s DSMC2 Brains is a largely cable-free setup. The DSMC2 Touch 7-inch LCD provides a reasonably-sized viewing screen for monitoring and settings adjustment with no cables to get in your way, while the Wooden Cable-less IDX V-Mount Plate adds battery capability.

Seeing as this is the V-Mount version of the DSMC2 kit, it’s only logical to include one Anton Bauer Dionic XT90 V-Mount Battery and the LP2 Dual V-Mount Charger. If you need more batteries or chargers, click the links above.

To get you started recording, you’ll get one RED Mini-Mag SSD 480GB and the Mini-Mag Station to offload files.

Rounding out the kit is the super handy Sidewinder Multitool. With just about all driver sizes/types you may need in one tool, you’ll thank us later.

Q & A

  • Will this work with any DSMC3 accessories?
    • No. DSMC2 cameras and accessories will not work with any DSMC3 cameras or accessories.

  • Do you include all of the cables with the RED Station RED Mini-Mag?
    • By default, we only include a 24-inch USB 3.0 cable, a dedicated AC adapter for wall powering, and a USB-to-DC power cable for on-location powering via your computer’s USB port. If you need the Firewire 800 or eSATA cable sent for your rental, you can request it be sent in the special instructions upon checkout.

  • Do you offer this accessory kit with a Gold mount power option?
    • Why yes we do! You can find the Gold mount version of the DSMC2 accessory kit here.

  • Does this kit include a RED Brain and lens mount?
    • A RED Brain and lens mount are not included with the rental of this kit. However, we do have compatible options listed in the Recommended section on the left-hand side of this page.

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