Remote Presentation Live Streaming Kit - Advanced

Remote Presentation Live Streaming Kit - Advanced

This Remote Presentation Live Streaming Kit is an advanced package that provides everything needed to make a web presentation from your desk. It’s great for teaching a class, looking your best for an online work meeting, or most any situation where you need better quality video and audio than your computer’s webcam can provide. The kit contains a compact professional-grade camcorder, camera-mounted shotgun microphone, wireless lavalier mic kit, full-size tripod, a capture device that allows the kit to be used by your computer as a webcam, and all the batteries and cables you’ll need to start streaming. Click on any of the package items below for more information.

The Remote Presentation Live Streaming Kit includes:

Q & A

  • Does this kit have any recording capabilities?
    • No. This kit does not include recording media. If you would like to be able to record, you’ll need to have an SD Card for the camcorder.

  • Will I need anything else?
    • Yes. You’ll need a computer with a USB 2.0 Type A port to plug the Web Presenter into. You’ll also need some piece of software that can broadcast onto the Internet. Facebook, YouTube, and Skype are all popular tools depending on your streaming needs.

  • Specifications

    Accessory Type

    Production Tool

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    Item Type

    Accessory, Switcher, and Package

    Package Type

    Canon Video

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