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Most Rented Products 2021


The Most Rented Photo and Video Products of 2021


Each year, to try to share as much information as possible with our community here at Being one of the largest rental houses in the world, we think that our end-of-the-year data can show a pretty broad scope of where the industry is heading and what we can expect into next year and beyond.

Insta360 One R Review

Lenses and Optics

The Insta360 One R is my Favorite Action Camera


Fundamentally, I’ve always sort of hated action cameras. Like so many others, I fell for the marketing push, and years ago, I bought myself a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, solely because of the amazing promotional video they put together to push the latest and greatest available in 2012. However, upon getting the camera, I […]

Geek Articles

Understanding Light Control – Photographing Black on Black and White on White


If you’ve dabbled in off-camera lighting or even natural lighting at times, you’ll quickly discover how difficult working with white can be. It’s no surprise that many people ask their subjects specifically not to wear white clothes, as it’s easy to blow out the highlights and ruin an otherwise good photoshoot. Shooting white, especially when […]

Geek Articles

How the Light Placement Alters Your Subjects


When teaching basic lighting principles, I break down how to light a subject into having three basic variables – Intensity of Light, Quality of Light, and Direction of Light. The intensity of light is pretty simple in its execution – how bright or dim your light is. Quality of light refers to whether it’s soft […]

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