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Short Film Contest Winner


Short Film Contest Winner Gongoli Arrives Just in Time for Halloween


At the start of this year, we announced our first-ever Short Film Pitch Contest. We encouraged videographers everywhere to send us their pitch deck for a movie they wanted to create, and we’d give one lucky winner a $5,000 prize package to make their film aspirations a reality. We had several incredibly well-thought-out pitches sent […]

Drone Rentals Timeline


The Extensive Lensrentals History into Drone Rentals


It’s wild to think that we’ve been renting drones for nearly five years now, as I recall a time when it was regularly said “We’ll never rent drones” around the office. The reason wasn’t that we didn’t like drones – as a company that truly appreciates tech, we love drones. The reason was always an insurance concern.

Most Rented Products 2021


The Most Rented Photo and Video Products of 2021


Each year, to try to share as much information as possible with our community here at Being one of the largest rental houses in the world, we think that our end-of-the-year data can show a pretty broad scope of where the industry is heading and what we can expect into next year and beyond.


What Sensor Size is Best for You as a Videographer?


One of the most common questions our photo techs get is “What sensor size is best for me?” or some variation of that. “What does crop factor mean?” “What’s the equivalent focal length of that lens?” “Will I be able to get the look I’m going for with a smaller sensor?” And these questions totally […]

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