Teardowns and Disassembly

Panasonic Pancake Dissections


Panasonic makes an excellent pair of micro 4/3 pancake lenses, the 14mm f/2.5 and 20mm f/1.7. While they look similar, there are several differences. The optical formulas are quite different, for example.  

Repair alerts

D600 Sensor Dust Issues


We tend not to get too excited about sensor dust problems here; we clean sensors on every camera after every rental, so it’s just routine. When we started carrying the Nikon D600 they all arrived with a fair amount of dust, but that’s pretty routine, too. Manufacturing and shipping can be a dusty experience. When […]

New Items

A Little More Sigma 200-500 Fun


SigZilla is gone now. You’ll be able to see it’s work in action if you watch the World Series. I wouldn’t be surprised if you might not catch an image of it. Before it left, though, we were able to (with a great deal of difficulty) get it mounted in the lab and run one […]


A Big Addition


Of course, we really couldn’t stand the idea that there was a lens somewhere that we didn’t own. So, Tyler went and got us a new telephoto, the Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 for Canon (Available for rental, of course). It came in a rather large box today.

History of Photography

Politicians, Pork, and Photographers


How the Government Accidentaly Created the Golden Age of American Photography   “Corn Along a River” Marion Post Wolcott, 1940. Library of Congress.   “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”  — Mark Twain “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing […]

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