Roger's Corner

A Corporate Connotation


This is sort of a metaphor. Like all metaphors it doesn’t fit quite perfectly. Like all metaphors, it does fit to some degree. “Fortune passes everywhere.”¬†Frank Herbert Once upon a time there was an industry largely dominated by two companies. Their domination, over some 30 years, was so nearly complete that they became understandably a […]


Quick Resolution Tests on Two New 70-200s


We got stock on two new 70-200mm lenses this week: the Nikon 70-200 f/4 VR and the Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 VC. I would have loved to do some side-by-side comparisons. They’re priced similarly and I expect a lot of Nikon shooters will be choosing between these two since both are quite a bit less expensive […]


Roger’s 2012 Christmas Suggestions


It’s time for my annual ‘stuff for the photographer on your Christmas list’ blog post. I realize that for most of you, well, you are the photographer on your Christmas list. So I’ve added a section of some different photo gifts you could make. There are no cameras on the list for a two reasons. […]

Teardowns and Disassembly

A Peek Inside the 6D


Of course we had to do it. We tried limiting ourselves to some size comparisons with the 5D II and 5D III.   So, yeah, the 6d is smaller and all. But that wasn’t quite what we wanted to see. So, as is our habit, a few screws here and a few screws there and […]

New Items

A Quick 6D AF Test


A while back we did a series of articles and found that certain Canon lenses on the newest Canon cameras (5DIII and 1Dx) autofocused more accurately when tested for single shot stills using center point AF only. These combinations acutally had as accurate AF as what we could obtain with Live View. To emphasize, though, […]

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