Lenses and Optics

Fun with Thumbtacks for Advanced Photogeeks


Introduction There’s a scene in the old movie Marathon Man where Dustin Hoffman wakes up strapped in a Dentist’s chair, mouth forced open, while the evil dentist drills into the nerves of his teeth, repeating the same question over-and-over: “Is it safe”? Tortured past endurance, he would answer if he could, but the question has […]


Powering Up With Gold Mount Batteries


This is intended as a guide for configuring a variety of devices so they can all be powered by professional gold mount batteries. All of the items mentioned in this guide are hyperlinked to their corresponding LensRentals product page. Once you’ve decided the configuration you want, I suggest opening this page as a separate window […]


Photo Lenses for Video


Videographers and cinematographers are all incredibly excited about the great effects, narrow depth-of-field, and cost savings that they can achieve by using SLR sensors to shoot video. They’ve rushed into the technology with all the excitement and enthusiasm of a third grader who just tried his first cup of coffee and chased it down with […]

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