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Finally, Some More m4/3 MTF Testing: Are the 40s Fabulous?


It took me a bit longer to get back to m4/3 testing than I expected, but we have an interesting set of primes to look at today, the ‘about 45mm’ group, which includes several 42.5mm and a couple of 45mm lenses. Please don’t get all worked up about that small difference in focal lengths; it’s […]

Announcements at PhotoPlusExpo


Latest Camera and Lens Announcements from PhotoPlus Expo 2017 & More


Every year, PhotoPlus Expo comes to New York City to highlight some of the latest tech in the industry, while giving brands an opportunity to launch their newest flagship cameras and lenses for the years to come. While not all brands adhere to announcing over the same weekend (which is why this is a piece […]

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