Why has the Fuji X100V Grabbed the Attention of Millions?

Published November 21, 2022

Released in early 2020, the Fujifilm X100V was the latest iteration of their X100 line, and is known to be a tried and true rangefinder-esque walkaround camera that didn’t cost the prices of something from Leica or other competitors. However, over the last few weeks, the Fujifilm X100V has become one of the most desired cameras, having used prices go for upwards of $2500 – a price over twice its MSRP back in 2020. So why is the Fujifilm X100V blowing up in the photography scene, and sending those prices skyrocketing?

The Newfound Popularity of the Fuji X100V

Like most things these days, the increased demand for the Fujifilm X100V is the result of TikTok, where people just recently discovered the exceptional system that Fujifilm has been developing for years. The trend started with TikTok star Kylie Katich, when she posted a TikTok proclaiming how the Fujifilm X100V would ‘change your life.’ Promoting Fujifilm’s excellent film simulations built in all their recent cameras, Kylie shows how the Fujifilm X100V is incredibly easy to use, and produces exceptional photos, without the need of editing them in Lightroom/Photoshop. As a digital camera that ‘mimics film cameras’, the Fujifilm X100V offers an all-in-one solution (with its built-in 23mm f/2 lens), while maintaining a classic 35mm aesthetic and design. The result is the hashtag #fujix100v surging to over 4.5 million uses on TikTok, and tens of thousands of people taking advantage of this incredibly cool camera to express themselves through photographs. And with this new surge in popularity, we’ve also seen significantly increasing prices.

@kyliekatich THIS CAMERA WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE #fujifilm #filmcamera #photography #capturethemoment ? original sound – Kyliekatich

The Market Trends

So a few TikToks have brought a nearly three-year-old camera back into the spotlight, but how did it attribute to sales and rentals? Well, kind of a lot. For Google searches, the Fuji X100V has nearly doubled in searches over the last 12 months, and the sales figures are even starker.

Priced at $1,340 during its entire lifecycle, the Fuji X100V has seen an incredible spike in prices over the past month or two. Hitting a high of $2,900, nearly double the price for its original sales price, it seems that the market is flocking to this small and useful camera. So much in fact, that Fujifilm themselves said that they needed to suspend orders, as they’re overloaded with processing orders for this camera.

Our numbers are far less drastic, however, we currently only rent out 21 copies of the Fujifilm X100V – which accounts for why.

Four Alternatives to the Fujifilm X100V

Certainly, the Fuji X100V is an excellent camera – but finding one right now might be impossible. So let’s look at a few alternatives that would fill that void for a small, walkaround camera with little need to edit.

Leica Q2

Priced quite a bit higher than the Fuji X100V, the Leica Q2 is an exceptional camera, and in a lot of ways, what the Fuji X100V aspires to be more like. At around $5,200, the Leica Q2 offers 47 megapixels of Leica goodness, with its german built 28mm f/1.7 Summilux lens. While considerably more expensive than the Fujifilm system, the Leica is certainly built for life and a camera system that wouldn’t be considered obsolete for many many years.

Ricoh GR III

On the opposite end of the scale, the Ricoh GR III is a rangefinder-styled point-and-shoot camera that shares a lot of similarities with the Fujifilm X100V, but at a much more affordable price point. At under $900 new, the Ricoh GR III comes with a 28mm f/2.8 lens attached to a 24-megapixel camera body. And while it doesn’t have the film simulations that the Fuji systems have become known for, the Ricoh GR III is a great alternative for those looking for the same style and nearly the same quality, at a much more affordable place.

Canon G7X III

A bit different than the FujiFilm X100V, the Canon G7X III is still a great alternative for a prosumer shooter looking for a great walkaround camera with plenty of pro features. While ditching the film camera aesthetic and opting for a more modern design, the G7x III is exactly what you can expect from a reliable company like Canon. At 20.2 MP and built-in image stabilization with its paired 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8 built-in lens, the Canon G7X III offered a bit more range in the lens department, and thus, more flexibility as a walkaround camera.

Fuji X-E4

Perhaps the most obvious choice as an alternative would be the Fuji X-E4, paired with a Fuji 27mm 2.8mm lens. The benefit of this system over the X100V is of course the use of the X mount, allowing you to swap out lenses to the dozens of options offered by fuji and third-party manufacturers. In addition, the Fuji X-E4 comes with Fuji’s state-of-the-art film simulations – the same found on the X100V and other Fuji cameras, so you have that added benefit of not needing to edit as the viral TikTok proclaimed. At $1,050 at 24 megapixels, the X-E4 shares a lot of the same focus and design as the X100V and is an excellent alternative that will likely give you far more versatility.

So were you able to get your hands on a Fuji X100V during this resurgence in popularity? Do you already own one and looking to sell it for a healthy profit? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Jenni Werlang

    While I agree the TikTok associative price increase is insane, they are are influencers. I guess they are succeeding at what they’re trying to do ?

  • Jenni Werlang

    Absolute fact.

  • Jenni Werlang

    I just bought a used one with about $1000 worth of new and sealed accessories. I paid $1800 for everything. It’s in mint condition and is a joy to shoot with. I own a XPro 3 and I wanted the X100V for travel and a fixed lens system. Not that I haven’t traveled with the XPro 3, once and a while it’s nice not to have to lug extra lenses and a decently hefty camera body around.

  • Why is this so wildly upsetting to me? I didn’t even want this camera, but the fact that a TikToker has this much influence over the market value of a camera is bizarre and fascinating and oddly unsettling.

  • Tom Fangel

    No OVF on the alternatives listed

  • fporter

    Now if only Fuji had an app that connected easily, quickly and reliably so these connected users could efficiently share all their wonderful snaps.

  • Eric

    The X100V may not be worth THIS hype on TT but is still a very good camera. Fuji has nailed it with its X series. My ideal travel kit is an X30 and an X100v. I leave behind my D850.

  • Stanislaw Zolczynski

    In my eyes Fuji X100v is a closest digital reminder of famed reporters tool Leica M with Summicron 35/2 in handling and looks. I doubt very much it`s beacause of some TicTokers hype. It doesn`t even have famous selfie LCD, and thanks God to that, so much loved by vloggers.

  • Marc P.

    I am reading lens rentals since the early days, and also DPR since late fall 1999, and personally, i can’t stand when so called “Influencers” are pushing the prices for specific gear over night that much.

    Before, it was some questionable Kadashian into a US talkshow, and overnight, the prices of the Contax T2 raised double, 3-times the asking price…now we do see the same with the X100V ! Those ppl aren’t being photographers, no offense.

  • scht ggl

    TG I have got the Leica Q2 and so I’ve got peace of mind since I bought it.

  • JP

    This answered the question burning in the back of my mind as I visited my normal Fuji sites and groups: “Why the heck does the Internet suddenly care so much about the fifth iteration of the X100???”

    So much more buzz about the V compared to the F and T at this point in their release and now I know why!

  • gallery90

    I decided not to “upgrade” from my X100F to an X100V. I’ve been with the X100 family since Day One, so I’m not likely to influenced by a self-proclaimed influencer.

    A few months ago I did get an very clean used X-E4 which I’ve grown quite fond of.

  • Friedhelm

    Typical case of mass hysteria reinforced by clever marketing with the help of social media.
    It’s delicious how people fall for it…

  • JiF

    So camera “specialist” Katie Katich wants me to change my life thru buying a little camera.
    Frankly, I don’t give a damn.

  • JiF

    That’s exactly what I’m doing with my Olympus MFT .
    A great little lens!

  • Another option, of course, is the X100F. Sure it doesn’t have the nice new redesigned lens of the V, but it’s still an excellent camera, if you don’t mind buying used.

  • There’s also the Sony RX1RII at $3300. Getting a bit long in the tooth, but still an outstanding camera with superlative IQ.

  • I’ll just put the f:1.7 20 mm pancake on my Panasonic GX8 and call it a day …

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