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I'm Roger and I am the founder of Hailed as one of the optic nerds here, I enjoy shooting collimated light through 30X microscope objectives in my spare time. When I do take real pictures I like using something different: a Medium format, or Pentax K1, or a Sony RX1R.
Taking apart a Minolta Lens


The Minolta 40-80mm f/2.8 Gearbox Zoom; The Clockwork Lens


There were giants in the earth in those days . . . They were mighty men, men of renown.  Genesis 6:4 I’ve always been fascinated by the history of lenses. I write about it a lot. To me, the most fascinating items are those made many years ago, with what we would consider wholly inadequate technology, which did things […]

Testing UV Filters Lens Rentals


Looking at Clear and UV Filter Spectrograms


I’ll start by saying, this is not an article – or at least not a complete one. When I wrote My Not Quite Complete Protective Filter Article, I promised to try to add transmission spectrograms so that you could see not just the wavelength I tested for transmission, but also how the rest of the […]

Geek Articles

Taking Apart the Sigma Cine 85mm T1.5 FF Lens


We’ve been impressed with the Sigma Cine lenses. We weren’t surprised that they’re generally sharper than classic Cine primes; that’s what we’ve come to expect from Sigma. We were pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of focusing and aperture and the apparent build quality. Since we’d previously done teardowns of the Zeiss 85mm T1.5 CP.2 and Rokinon Xeen […]

Cine Lens Comparison

Lenses and Optics

Cine Lens Comparison: 35mm Full-Frame Primes


Good day! And welcome to our first Cine lens MTF comparison. If you aren’t familiar with what we do here, I suggest you take a glance at our previous post on why we’ve started testing Cine lenses. For those of you who haven’t been here before, let’s be clear about what this is not. It […]

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