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Wireless Trigger Options Available for Strobe Photography


When you first get into photography, one of the first tools your peers will tell you to buy is a flash. When you first buy your flash, one of the first things your peers will tell you to buy is a trigger system to get that flash off the camera. This endless cycle will continue […]

Rocket Launch NASA Photography

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Photography Breakdown of the NASA Antares Rocket Launch


Ever since I started taking photos, the night sky has always attracted me. I utilize long exposures to capture objects in the sky that the naked eye could never see. I consider myself a modern-day astronomer with a focus on studying art within the universe. With a juxtaposition between terrestrial landscapes and cosmic objects, I hope to […]

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Getting Started in Deep Space and Astrophotography


It is sometimes said that astrophotography is one of the most challenging types of photography out there. There are numerous technical problems to overcome, substantial initial investments, and a considerable chance of getting burnt out if you get too frustrated. Luckily enough people have attempted astrophotography to form a general idea about what the best […]

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An Introduction to NAS for Photo & Video Production


Editorial Note: While we’re most notably known for our passion in gear, we also share the same passion in keeping your data safe. So in order to help our users develop a secure workflow for their data, we’ve teamed up with Backblaze on a series of articles discussing the importance of data management. This is the […]

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