Lenses and Optics

“This Lens Is Soft” and Other Facts


In 2008, I wrote an article This Lens is Soft, and Other Myths that pointed out that lenses and cameras all have tolerance ranges and sometimes a given lens can be sharp on one camera body, and soft on another. At the time, autofocus micro-adjustment was a fairly new feature on camera bodies and my […]

Photographic Techniques

A Broad Guide to Ultra Wide


A while back I wrote a blog on Getting Sharp Telephoto Images when I realized a lot of our renters were using big telephoto lenses for the first time and didn’t know the tricks it took to get good telephoto images. We also see people struggle at the opposite end of the focal length range: […]


Video Compression Explained


Note: This is a rather in-depth article about video compression. If you are new to video, you’ll want to read I’ve Shot Video, Now What? first. When we started carrying the nanoFlash, Roger, our video challenged owner bought it because he was told it was great. When he read about it he became completely overwhelmed […]

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