Small Camera Overview


For several years I’ve wanted a small second camera, easy to carry around, but with image quality that is close to that of an SLR. A camera to take pictures with when my primary purpose isn’t to take pictures. Five years ago such a thing didn’t exist and I made do with the better point-and-shoot […]

Humor and Sarcasm

Say Whhaaat?


Camera and lens manufacturers employ teams of professionals to write their copy, and others to edit it dozens of times. At least you would think they did. But what they actually publish is often a combination of market-speak, outright lies, and sometimes just oddly puzzling (and often funny) gibberish. Here’s a few claims that I’ve run […]


Live Event Videography for Beginners


As some of you may know, we absolutely love Shade Tree Films. Whenever they are putting on one of their Cine-Skool events (a really amazing 3 day workshop for videographers of all skill levels), we help them out by providing demo equipment. In return, they’ve created some amazing videos for us in the past, including […]

How To's

How to Change your Camera’s LCD Cover


Inevitably, over time the plastic LCD cover on the back of your camera gets scratched, scuffed and generally ends up looking older than the camera really is. Most of the time it doesn’t matter much, you can see the images and menus just fine. But given enough scratches light glare may interfere with seeing the […]

Technical Discussions

Sensor Size Matters – Part 2


Why Sensor Size Matters Part 1 of this series discussed what the different sensor sizes actually are and encouraged you to think in terms of the surface area of the sensors. It assured you the size of the sensor was important, but really didn’t explain how it was important (other than the crop-factor effect). This […]

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