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Sigma OS Macros on 5DIII / 1Dx Issue


We probably should have figured this out more quickly, but when a brand new Sigma 180mm f/2.8 OS gave us this picture shot on a Canon 5D Mk III, we simply wondered, “what’s wrong with the lens?”.     Then we tested several others copies of the lens…

Roger's Corner

The Bad Photography Marketing Awards for 2012


There’s an old saying among lawyers, in many variations, but all are similar to this: “If you have the facts, pound home the facts. If you have the law, pound home the law. If you have neither, pound on the table.” For photography, I would assume it would go something like this: “If you have […]

How To's

A Tilted Element Demonstration


One thing we preach here a lot is that just because a dropped lens looks fine on the outside doesn’t mean it is fine. The other thing we preach a lot is that a tiny difference in the centering, tilt or placement of a single element can have a dramatic effect on image quality. Aaron made […]

Technical Discussions

Autofocus Reality Part 3B: Canon Cameras


Some days it’s good to be a geeky gear-head. This is one of them because a) I finished testing autofocus on all of the Canon camera bodies we had, b) I actually found out some interesting stuff, and c) I got worked up about camera marketers while doing it, so I have my next post […]

Lenses and Optics

Imatest Macro Results (With Apologies to the Nikon 105 VR Micro)


A few months back we tested a number of Nikon lenses on the D800 cameras, hoping to determine which lenses could bring the absolute best resolution out of that camera’s 36-megapixel sensor. The results were interesting, and in a few cases surprising. More than a few Fanboys went ballistic over minutia, which is always entertaining. […]

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