ND Filters for Video


This article applies mostly to people shooting video on DSLR cameras, with lens adapters, or on higher-end interchangeable lens camcorders. Most ENG style camcorders come equipped with a built-in ND filter dial, which is about as much filtration as ENG style shooters have time for. For ND filter basics check out the ND filter section […]

Lenses and Optics

The Glass in Front of Your Glass: All About Filters


In the ancient days of film, any photographer worth his flash bulbs had a large set of filters in his bag. Filters to correct light, enhance contrast, add special effects to his images, you name it, there was a filter for it. Then came Photoshop and RAW and filters became quaint. Many of them, anyway. […]

How To's

How to Test a Lens


If you read my articles very often, you may have realized I’m not one to let a lack of knowledge prevent me from writing on a topic. First-hand knowledge I mean. I write a lot of articles that I may spend 6 weeks researching before I feel knowledgeable enough to start writing. But this is […]

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