Author Quiz: RED Camera Name, American Gladiator Name, or Both?

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RED Camera of American Gladiator

Humor and Sarcasm

Quiz: RED Camera Name, American Gladiator Name, or Both?


In the past, we’ve put out several April Fools day posts, from Roger explaining how to find the perfect brick wall to test your lenses with the utmost accuracy, to him explaining the new numerical analysis system employed to find which lens is truly the sharpest. This year, instead of teasing our readers to see […]


Comparing a Ten-Year-Old Camera to a Modern One


This month marks ten years for the Canon 5d Mark III – a camera once known as the top of the line, now superseded by a couple of different camera generations. This March of 2022 being its ten-year birthday, I thought I’d do a fun little comparison to see how far we’ve come in these ten years, and if having the top-of-the-line camera is as important as…

Shannon Corsi Ski Film Nexus

Customer Stories

Customer Stories – How Shannon Corsi Brings Winter Sports to Life


With the 2022 Winter Olympics having just recently wrapped, people everywhere have a newfound respect for winter sports athletes. However, that respect is nothing new for the person we’re highlighting for our Customer Story today – photographer, producer, and director, Shannon Corsi. I’ve personally known Shannon for a number of years now, so it was […]

Mirrorless Camera Recommendations


Mirrorless Camera Guide for 2022


We’re already a month into the new year, and if our end-of-the-year data has anything to say, it seems that a lot of photographers and videographers (including myself) moved over to the mirrorless platforms in 2021.

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