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Controlling Depth of Field

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Probably the better title of this article would be Depth of Field for the mathematically challenged. If you’re a moderately experienced digital photographer, you know verbally what the depth of field is: The range of distance from the camera in which objects appear acceptably sharp in a photograph. As photographers its of critical importance: When [...]

Shooting Outdoor Sports

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Its getting to be Spring (at least in most of the country) and soon we’ll all be outside taking pictures. For a lot of people that’s going to include taking pictures the kid’s sporting events (or if you can afford the ticket prices, the professional sporting events). If you’re a professional photographer with a 400mm [...]

Street Shooting

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by Stephen Michael Garey Street shooting is to photography what blues, jazz and rap are to music: It’s the soul side of picture taking, a recognized artform that strives to capture aspects of life that the average snapshot photographer might overlook or even avoid: real people living real life in their natural habitat. Some of [...]

Night Photography

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It’s getting to be that time of year where daylight photography is limited to holidays and weekends. A surprising number of photographers put up their gear until March or April, except for the routine indoor snapshots during the holidays. I’m always surprised at how many people aren’t comfortable shooting outside at night; you’re missing out [...]

Shooting Indoor Sports

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One of the things we enjoy about working here is helping less experienced photographers choose the equipment that will get them the shots that they want. This time of year one of the most common things people ask about is also one of the more difficult tasks in photography: shooting indoor sports. There are so [...]